+n° World is an interactive website prototype about the rising global temperature and its impacts, made by Benjamin Kaczynski and I.

The model was created during the university course “Klimagrafiken” by Prof. Boris Müller, in which we developed infographics that illustrate and communicate ecological, economical, physical and social aspects of global warming. The results were to be presented as website prototypes. 
My partner and I knew, that we wanted to create something new, a unique approach to explain how the impacts will tackle everyone. The book “Neotopia”, by Manuela Pfrunder, was a great inspiration and forms the basis of the design and the story we wanted to tell.

Instead of explaining how the whole planet will struggle with the climate crisis we decided to demonstrate what it will mean for each individualThis could help in giving everybody a sense of how much we can lose and which struggles we may face. The website shall be a mixture of informative, interesting and well-designed content. That is why the island is not the first thing visitors will see, but an introduction to the history of the human made global warming and frequently asked questions.
Before working on the actual design we went through an intense research phase with numerous obstacles. The biggest one was the lack of research results that cover varying temperatures and their impacts. Thanks to Prof. Boris Müller and his Senses Team we got access to comprehensive data and managed to create our scenarios with realistic numbers and projections. Details for the island were extracted from the already mentioned book "Neotopia".

To realize our prototype we worked mostly with Blender for the 3D models, Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer for planning our island and Adobe XD to create a realistic looking website prototype.
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