The Mixtape app, a cooperative and interactive way to listen to music while chatting with friends, was created during the university course “Remocial Life” by Ivo Hermann and Paul Thiele. My partners in this project were Benjamin Kaczynski and Marcus Schindler.
The title of the course was a reference to the first lockdown during the corona virus pandemic, an event which forced everyone to find new possibilities to spend their time with friends online. Our task was to create such a new possibility, a digital adaption of something you would do analogue. Already existing services like WhatsApp or Instagram offer a wide spectrum of communication but still do not cover all needs.
Idea and realization
After our first group meetings we found out how different we consume music, a medium which always brings people together. That is why we started to work on an idea how to transfer feeling and experiences into an app. Main functions of this app shall be: music streaming, a chat, groups, an option to change music during a session, voting music out and short games which are related to the music playing.

To give the sessions a more personal/individual look, we decided to visualize them as mixtapes. This is also the origin of the application's name. Every mixtape can be customized and represents a previous session.

The whole app was created with AdobeXD and the 3D mixtape models with Blender. 


creating a new, individual Mixtape session

discovering past Mixtapes
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