My first design job as a freelancer was for an improvisational theater group from Berlin. They were called "Das Improletariat", a reference to "Proletariat", a term which describes the working class by Karl Marx. This was my main inspiration through which I got to know the art style constructivism. Being part of the russian avant-garde it was the perfect way to combine the artistic work with the representation of a working class theater group.

After visiting one of their shows I realized the strong interaction with the audience and that I had to show exactly this through the logo.
The end result shows a big red circle which symbolizes the stage and differently shaped blocks that appear flying directly to the circle. These blocks are an abstraction of all the words the audience throws to the theater group during the play to create new stories and scenarios. 

In the end I designed the main logo, a negative logo for stamps, a grayscale logo and different colored versions for t-shirts.
Graysvale version
Stamp version
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